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Care homes, specialist dentists and health professionals

Elderly woman sitting in a health professional care home

Quality dental health is crucial for the more vulnerable.

As people get older a decline in dexterity and potential risk of dry mouth can result in dental diseases spreading more rapidly. If unchecked, poor dental health can also trigger other health issues.

For young children cavities are the most common chronic disease. Caries can affect a child’s ability to eat or sleep, their confidence and general health.

Carers and health professionals have a responsibility to deliver compassionate, effective duty of care for those unable to independently carry out the activities of daily living (ADLs). For the least independent, the professional’s remit of care should involve inspecting the mouth, cleaning teeth and gums or placing fluoride varnish on the teeth.

For patients unable to keep their mouths for brushing, dental checks or other procedures carrying out care in these circumstances presents a health and safety risk to both the care giver and the care recipient. It can also impact efficiency and quality of care delivered.

The Bedi Shield has been designed by industry expert Professor Raman Bedi to help carers and health professionals deliver effective duty of care under high health and safety standards.

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