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Raman Bedi – Chairman

Portrait of Raman Bedi

Professor Bedi is an award-winning dental clinician and a leading figure in the international dental industry. He is the former Chief Dental Officer of England (2002-2005), Chairman of The Global Child Dental Fund, past President of the British Society for Disability and Oral Health and Chair of the International Association for Dental Research.

He also leads a senior dental leadership programme which is a partnership between King’s College London and Harvard University. He has examined and lectured in over 40 countries and published over 185 scientific papers and four books within his field.

Professor Bedi has received the Asian Guild award, the Asian Jewel award and in 2005 was given the USA Public Health Service medal for his contributions to the dental industry.

He is passionate about tackling inequalities in the provision of dental care and creating new products to help address this. This has led to his involvement in a number of leading initiatives; including the Global Child Task-Force which helps governments of 13 plus emerging economies improve oral health care for over 500-million children and parents globally. And of course, setting up the new venture Bedi OralCare, to provide quality dental products for those needing more specialised care.

Professor Bedi’s Professional Associations

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