Family carers

Dental support for those you love

A young girl provides support for her disabled brother

As a family carer the support you provide is critical to the overall happiness and wellbeing of the person in your care.

If your role involves maintaining their dental health, our first product the Bedi Shield has been designed with you in mind.

We understand that providing this level of personal dental support on a regular basis can be challenging. Sometimes the person you look after may struggle to keep their mouth open for brushing or dental checks. Providing care in these circumstances can be extremely stressful for both and presents a serious health and safety risk if you try to use your finger in the process.  It can also be traumatic and uncomfortable for the person whose mouth is being cleaned; as their jaws are strained in the process.

The Bedi Shield is designed to help you provide safe, quality and compassionate care in a dignified manner every single time.

We developed the Bedi Shield as a simple, easy to use solution and we’d love for you to give it a try.