What people are saying

This is an awesome piece of kit. It is a basic process whereby the caregiver can easily clean the teeth of people living with dementia at any stage. It is safe. It is effective. Some people were hesitant at first. However, once they got used to it, and once they felt the benefit of having clean teeth and a clean mouth, they accepted it without hesitation. As a Clinical Dementia Specialists I will be recommending it to my patients. Dr Daniel J Nightingale Clinical Dementia Specialist PCSC; RN; PhD; LD (Doc); ECCH; ADHP (NC) FNSHP Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dementia Doctor (UK) - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dementia Care Plus and Dementia Therapy Specialists (US)
“I was pleased to be asked to provide an opinion as to the suitability of the Bedi Shield in advanced dementia care practice, but i wanted to qualify my understanding as to the possible benefits, effectiveness and practicality of the product with some field testing. I therefore asked a number of front line staff to use the shield, with permissions, in
appropriate care needs, in real situations, and to report back to me their valuable opinions.

I am pleased to say that in situations where cognitive resources are limited and physical care procedures are mostly required with mainly staff manual input, the Bedi shield did facilitate oral care to a degree that would have not been possible previously.

My conclusion was that this was likely to have positive impacts on dignity, safety, wellbeing, health, pain control and family satisfaction all of which could lead to increased feelings of comfort and trust in all parties. For staff too the risks of providing oral care were reduced”. Paul TM Smith Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Dementia Care & Services, Consultant CEO Dementia.REP